Tuesday, August 2, 2011



Everything lately has been extremely busy with classes ending and trying to enjoy things as much as possible, so I haven't had much time to post much of anything.

The first set of photos starts with when I attempted to teach my 日本事情 (basically a Japanese History course) class how to make an origami rose.

Next, continues the origami theme, with a collection of all the origami that I made while I was in Japan, which I gave to all the students who came to the farewell party as a small token of my appreciation.

Next, is a slightly older set of pictures that I had to take off facebook (I didn't have my camera at the time) of when some of the Japanese students let us practice Calligraphy.

There is a lot of random filler shots mixed in and then pictures of the farewell party.
Followed by this past Saturday when a Vietnamese foreign exchange student I spent some-time doing some more origami (it's a little ironic that she is pretty much the only person in my entire time here with even the slightest interest in origami @_@). Afterwards, we had 焼肉 at considerably cheap restaurant.

Finally, today we went to an interesting restaurant and then went to a カラオケ屋 for about 7 hours. I'm not sure how they make any money off their daytime rates, as there is all you can drink beverages and it was only about 800円 for each person for the whole time. I'm really going to miss Japanese カラオケ, to say that it is superior over what little we have in U.S. is a dire understatement...

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