Tuesday, July 12, 2011

7-9-11 & 7-10-11: 根羽

For the second of two posts, we went to 根羽(ねば), a tiny village about two and a half hours from Nagoya, where one of the American teachers at Chukyo University has in-laws who own a large, historical home. Around thirty people went, mainly Japanese students from the professor's seminar class.

It was very beautiful and relaxing with a very scenic river within a few minutes walking distance (sadly that scenery at one time included some naked guys...).

At night, there was a 祭り with some really magnificent fireworks; they were so close that it almost seemed that the embers were going to land upon some of the nearby houses. There was also an event where the people who were in charge threw a ton of mochi out of the second floor of the town's municipal office. Anyone who got a mochi with a pink slip in it, received small prizes.

It was a really great experience, probably one of the best of the semester so far. The professor and his family were extremely kind and considerate to all of us.

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