Monday, April 4, 2011

4-4-11 Campus Tours and Olympic Athletes

Today we did 外国人 registration with a few Japanese guides.

Afterwards, there were tours of both the main campus of Chukyou in Nagoya and the one specializing in sports in Toyota city. The main campus was interesting as there was a small shrine within it and a large graveyard adjacent. Actually, there are a few places that sell headstones in between my apartment and campus. The buildings themselves were a lot more spacious, ornate, and otherwise impressive compared to NCSU.

Chukyou is famous in Japan for its athletes and producing several Olympic athletes. We saw a few people practicing Kendo and ping-pong. We actually even happened to run into the gold medalist in the Hammer Throw event from the Greek Olympics, Koji Murofushi. He was extremely kind to us and took the time to talk with us and talk photos with him. Sadly, all of the pictures that I took of him turned out poorly due to the lighting and not knowing how to force the flash on my camera, I will try to get some pictures from the other exchange students. We also watched the silver medalist in figure skating, Mao Asada, warm-up.

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